MC Leadership Training

Below you will find videos that will help prepare you to lead a Missional Community. Use the corresponding worksheets to help you gain the most benefit from this teaching series.

Training Overview

In this video, we will get an general overview of the MC Leadership Training.

Lesson 1:1 Getting Gospel-Centered

In this lesson, we are reminded that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be the foundation, the center, and saturate everything that we do as MC Leaders.

Lesson 1:2 The Gospel Progression

In this lesson, we will look at how the Gospel impacts our leadership and can be incorporated into our Missional Communities.

Lesson 2:1 Gospel Devotion

Lesson 2:2 Modeling the Gospel through Relationships

Lesson 3:1 Personal Commitment

Lesson 3:2 Encouragement and Accountability

Lesson 4:1 Expectations and Gospel Rhythms

Lesson 4:2 Responsibilities

Lesson 5:1 MC Distinctions

Lesson 5:2 MC Direction