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Creative Access Workers

Missio Dei Alliance also chooses to support international workers in what is known an as "Creative Access Countries". Creative Access Countries often forbid missionary activities. Workers in these countries are sent as
“teachers” or “international workers,” not as “missionaries.” Through their occupation — be it teaching or another occupation — they have the opportunity to share Christ by their words, actions and professional integrity. Supporting one of these workers presents unique challenges. We often receive little communication from the worker. When they do communicate, they cannot share much of what is happening through their ministry. To do so could jeopardize their ministry and the ministries of others. It could also jeopardize their presence in that country. We are required to use caution in all communication with the worker. Therefore, we assume all phone calls, texts, emails, letters,
faxes, zoom calls, and packages will be intercepted and reviewed by local authorities. As a result, we do not post on the internet or social media about these workers and their specific ministries. If you are interested in learning more about Creative Access Countries, please speak with some of our leadership team.

"Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter."
Charles Spurgeon